FORBIDDEN FRUIT INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT of Artists from different locations from UK, USA, NIGERIA, GHANA  are  collaborating with other artists to bring  together a huge Exhibition in Badagry Nigeria to collaborate on art works based on slavery, has been given the big thumbs by Mr Babatunde Mesewaku (President of African Renaissance Foundation), James Akeem Osho-Anago (Tourist Guide, Trans-Atlantic Slave trade Educator, and Historian).Curator/ Director of Badagry Heritage Museum, Mr Peter Mesewaku.


FORBIDDEN FRUIT INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT of Artists : Will be creating Art works for Badagry African Renaissance Foundation for the 5th November – 7th November 2013 and if sponsored to Tour the World starting from Nigeria.


  • Badagry was founded around l425 A.D-Badagry Heritage Museum was established by Lagos State government ministry of Tourism and inter government affairs. It is a Slave Museum and we are to use its facility. And we will be received by the members of African renaissance Foundation. The Organizers of Badagry Festival and promoter of Badagry and African Culture. Heritage Museum is managed by Mr Peter, the junior brother of the president. The exhibition going to be a success...
  •       The artists in the group consist of drummers and dancers performers’ artists, painters, sculptures, drawers, designers, jewelry artists, etc..We will also encourage the public to participate by looking, engaging and painting with the artists on a blank canvas.and this will be displayed, in this   exhibition.'VOICES OF THE PAST’ would strengthen our hearts, our minds and our Souls, voices from our Ancestors of the past is calling out to us all at this exhibition to happen on the 5th NOVEMBER - 7th NOVEMBER 2013
  • We need to make changes and live in the now, in the present, to create a new stronger tomorrow with new stronger ideas new stronger beginnings, new thoughts and new History, to use their History to empower who we are and how we are today. Also to pave the way for the younger generations by creating secure awareness’s that they are alive and free.  

    The point is to look at the methods of the life we are now living verses the methods of slavery and question it. ARE WE STILL IN CHAINS?’


    For more information contact Mr Babatunde Mesewaku (President of African Renaissance Foundation), Mr Peter Mesewaku (Coordinator of African Renaissance Foundation), Mr James Akeem Osho Anago (Tourist Guide, Trans-Atlantic Slave trade educator, Historian and Member of African Renaissance Foundation).


    Or better still come down and support your local talents.

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