Ruth Bircham was born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1966, she started painting before the age of six; she used art as a means of communication before she learnt to speak.

At nine years old her inspiration came from her step Grandmother who owned a business in Wells-Next-to-Sea, Norfolk and bought Ruth her first art materials to encourage her to continue painting.

In 1981 she moved to London with her family and in 1988 studied a 1st Diploma in Art and Design at Camberwell Art College in London, where she learnt how to experiment with different media’s in the form of analytical drawing as well as gaining experience in painting, 3D design and sculpting.

Ruth then went on to study an Access to Art and Design at Croydon College in 2000. It was on this course, that Ruth began her experimentation of bringing the outside environment into her art work.  She became influenced by the Renaissance, Impressionist, Abstract Realism and Corporeality.

In 2001 Ruth studied a BA (Hon) In Fine Art Combined Media, This course allowed her to develop her idea’s further. She also gained knowledge in printing, film editing, using various computer software’s and business studies.

During this course Ruth’s work was exhibited at the Parfait Gallery at Croydon College in 2001 and in 2002, and also at a group exhibition in 2005.

Ruth uses her art to express her thoughts and feelings and many of her works display her life experiences.  Other pieces are also based on her interpretations of certain parts of the body and how they are viewed.

Ruth also exhibited in Nigeria in February 2009 where she collaborated on various paintings with two other artists Tayo Shoyemi and Ayoola Odupitan. This event took place after her Croydon Exhibition called ‘Exploitation’ at Fairfield Halls last year September 2008.

Ruth latest exhibition called ‘Exploitation of the Internal Mind’ was based on our environment today and combining cultures and countries, the event was both educational and mind challenging.  This exhibition was a follow up on the exhibition in 2008 which took place in the same venue.


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