We believe that the body in any size or shape is in the beauty of the beholder,. Each image and art pieces when looked at by the viewer may reflect their own lifestyles, their own intimacy, isolations, rigidity, they will look at the nude form reliving and remembering how that roll is in their life, these art pieces will be very confrontational, These imageries may make them want to create a change by confronting the purpose and issues instead of ignoring it. I feel that these art works will open people’s eyes to the real world around themselves, it will build scope and confidence that they never thought existed, it will force them to acknowledge how they view themselves and make changes. As only the individual being can do that.


Our work will shed light on people’s feelings concerning sexualities as an aesthetic rather than a threat; this practical work is based on our views of our approach from our side. To do a art that has the power to affect both male and female its a sort of therapy that makes one remember a certain time in their life.. To sum up that feeling that could explain how they felt at that time while they are viewing these art pieces, does it empower them or threatens who they are.  Most artist works comes in the form of written poetries has self – expressions or paint of vivid dark or bright colours on a canvas, or a sculpture statuette form, to understand the nature of the world that they live in. Our practical art piece helps question the type of world we are a part of. And should shed some type of meaning on the central question the development of the art piece is about dis-empowering the minds of fixed sectors. The art pieces will have an aesthetic nature the art piece which will be done from our own angle and interpretations from different races from the public from females and male nudity. The reason for this type of art is that it will have a stronger representation to empower.



 Title: Forbidden Fruit

Title: Wet Oasis



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