Exploitation blurs the expense of quality in favor of making Exploited imagery inexpensively to attract viewers by exciting their interests. It relies heavily on advertising contents rather than the quality of life. Imageries may feature a forbidden sexual gaze, wanton violence, drug use, nudity, freakyness, monsters, destruction, themes of rebellion and mayhem. films often exploited events that occurred in the news and were made into public awareness, my images addresses Exploitation from my own interpretation, it is based on certain parts of the body and how the body is viewed.

Most types of exploitation focuses on contents that are thought to be taboo, and extremely realistic and graphic Sex exploitation, serves largely as a vehicle for showing scenes involving nude or semi-nude women. While many of my imagies may contain vivid sex scenes that shows graphically, the sequence that full frontal nudity can be regarded as sex exploitation and Shock exploitation, the abstract contents within these paintings is designed to be real and shocking at the same time.  


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