Please read carefully then click here to make your payment


The amount that each artists will need to pay for the space is £93.14

( Please note this does not include additional costs, such as catering and advertising, this will be due at a later date as shown on the chart)

Please note that the amount you are paying is to secure your space in the Forbidden Fruit Exhibition, upon paying this amount, you are agreeing to take part in this exhibition and have you work on display, as explained if you are not able to make it to the exhibition, you can still use alternative methods to have your work displayed


As explained all payments are non refundable unless we are unable to proceed with the event, then this money will be sent back to you minus the cost of sending the funds back.

Each artists are responsible for making their own payments, Once the payment has been received a email receipt will be given to confirm this.

The amount you are paying does NOT cover any of the following

Accommodation, travel expenses etc these costs will need to be covered separately and will be down to the responsibility of each artist.

You can make payments in the following ways

Western Union (* We will not be responsible for the charges of using this service  or any loss of funds via this method, please ensure you send the correct mount taking into account the additional charges for sending funds via western union)

If you will be making payment via western union. Please see here for the details.

Pay Pal / Debit/Credit Card (*When making payments via this method you will be directed to another page to make this payment.)

All payments need to be made directly to us and not to the Gallery as they will not accept numerous payments from all 35 artists involved and require one full payment in one sum.

Here are the gallery contact details, if you have any confirms or worry's about this exhibition or making payments please feel free to contact them directly to confirm our booking.

Rowena Johnston
Gallery Manager
The Gallery In Redchurch Street
Tel: 0207 287 8408
0793 207 4757 (mobile)

Your payment will be received by us and held until we have received all payments from artists involved this amount will then be sent to the gallery to pay for the space in full.

Once the payment has been made in full all artists will receive confirmation that the venue has been secured.
All payments need to be made before the 5th Feb 2011

Please click here to be directed to the payment page.

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