Hello babes, did you get all the things i sent you, the proposal, artist consent form press release etc... if not can you e-mail me to let me know what you don't have. In the press release that i sent you, you replace my name with your name, and you send this press release to the newspapers, and all media out there where you are living, to promote your art, yourself, the event, and the art movent of artists,,,,This will bring people such as art lovers, art collectors, art buyers, art galleries, art auctioners, over to London to our exhibition to look at our art works, then if they love our art enough, they will commission either the whole group to come to their country or just the artist, whose art works that they love. This exposure needs to be done from NOW so that we are recognise as an art movement ,,, Because we are A NEW INTERNATIONAL ART MOVEMENT OF KREATIVE MINDS.... I have pushed the voting for the venue to Wednesday Morning ...  Please get back to me if you want more Ruth xxx