Calling All Serious Artists for Art Exhibition in the UK!
We have over 20 spaces available and are looking for serious artists who would like to take part in an art exhibition in the UK. in October 2011
Payments are due now and ... Each artist will be required to pay £93.14.
Please read the Information below and find out more then use the link at the bottom of this page to find out more about the venue and to make your payment.



All artists need to ensure that the works they are displaying are related to the theme .



We believe that the body in any size or shape is in the beauty of the beholder,. Each image and art pieces when looked at by the viewer may reflect their own lifestyles, their own intimacy, isolations, rigidity, they will look at the nude form reliving and remembering how that roll is in their life, these art pieces will be very confrontational, These imageries may make them want to create a change by confronting the purpose and issues instead of ignoring it. I feel that these art works will open people’s eyes to the real world around themselves, it will build scope and confidence that they never thought existed, it will force them to acknowledge how they view themselves and make changes. As only the individual being can do that.


Our work will shed light on people’s feelings concerning sexualities as an aesthetic rather than a threat; this practical work is based on our views of our approach from our side. To do a art that has the power to affect both male and female its a sort of therapy that makes one remember a certain time in their life.. To sum up that feeling that could explain how they felt at that time while they are viewing these art pieces, does it empower them or threatens who they are.  Most artist works comes in the form of written poetries has self – expressions or paint of vivid dark or bright colours on a canvas, or a sculpture statuette form, to understand the nature of the world that they live in. Our practical art piece helps question the type of world we are a part of. And should shed some type of meaning on the central question the development of the art piece is about dis-empowering the minds of fixed sectors. The art pieces will have an aesthetic nature the art piece which will be done from our own angle and interpretations from different races from the public from females and male nudity. The reason for this type of art is that it will have a stronger representation to empower.


As this is an international exhibition we understand that some of the artists who are based outside of the UK may have difficulties in regards to traveling to the UK to display their work, and may also find it costly to transport the original pieces of art from one country to another.

Alternatively we want to make sure that all artists are able to take part, so those who do reside outside of UK and that are not able to attend the exhibition can use one of the following ways to ensure their work can still be displayed

(Please note:  artists that are not able to attend, but still have thier work on display are still required to contribute to the costs of the Venue)

Section A


1) Artists who cannot attend can send us a print of their works that they wish to display and will be responsible for the costs to send the work as well as the costs to have their work returned to them, Artists who use this method will also be required to pay for the transportation of getting their work to the venue. If several artists use this method the costs can be split between them. We do not take any responsibility for the works while they’re in transportation. If artists do not have prints of their works and are not able to find a company that offers a printing service, they can request that we print the work for them onto canvas and the artist will be responsible for the cost of this.

2) Alternatively artists can send their original works, however we do not encourage this as the cost of sending original works is priceless. And we cannot take any responsibility for what happens to the works while they are in transportation.

Section B

(Sculptures / Other)


Artists who can attend the exhibition and use a different medium may wish to consider creating their works over here to save costs on transportation of their works to the UK, this especialy relates to large sculptures that are made out of a heavy substance.

Artists who cannot attend but still want to take part may need to use a different method, or have a clean picture taken of their Sculptures and use one of the options in section A.



It is very important for all artists to be involved in the promotion and advertising of the exhibition. This will become easier once we have a venue and set dates.

Promotion can be done in the following ways; there are also many helpful tools online that can give you information on how to promote exhibitions

1) Contacting local newspapers via email about the event and your work.

2) Placing the event online using several event listing websites & your social networking sites.

3) Informing your government body of the event.

4) Leaving information about the event in various places such as libraries, theatres, galleries.


Artists that live outside of the UK may find it easier to advertise themselves as artists, rather than just advertising the event itself, to gain exposure.

E.g. asking your local papers to follow up on your personal journey as you take part in this event.




More details about the Venues can be found here 


BRIEF THEME INTRODUCTION:  The event  will focus on the secret desirability’s that are hidden but also viewed, it’s about the experiences that are usually felt and imagined, practical art works will focus on the female and male nakedness. History, from diverse counties, the body was deemed as something, horrific, sexual abjection, unnatural and not beautiful, collaborating on a combination of paintings and other art visuals based on sexual aesthetics in the environment today.
PROJECT DETAILS: A number of artist from various countries coming together in the UK to exhibit pieces of their art work that relates to the above theme.
HOW MANY ARTIST TAKING PART: 35  artist expected to be involved
EXHIBITION LOCATION: A known art gallery in London. (UK)
EXHIBITION DURATION: Expected to last between 3 -7 Days
ROUGH EXHIBITION BUDGET: We would like to keep the gallery costs, advertising costs, and catering costs within a total budget of £3,500
HOW MANY ART WORKS ALLOWED: Depending on the size of the gallery between 1-3 pieces of work
COST: All artists will be individually responsible for the following.
TRAVEL: Their own travel costs to exhibit here in the UK
ACCOMMODATION: Their own Accommodation costs for the duration of the event
WORKS: The cost of transporting their works to and from the event
(Any other individual costs)
SHARED COST: All artist will contribute to the following
The cost of the Gallery, Catering & Advertisement will be split between the artists taking part. ( These costs will be divided between all those involved - the cost can vary depending on the amount of artist taking part.    
WHAT IS BEING DONE NOW: Comparing and contacting gallery's in London, to find the most suitable, that fits all the artists needs and that fits the budget.
Also gathering artists Biography's & Looking into sponsorships. ( Please email me if you have any specific requirements for the displaying of your art work)
We are now accepting payments please go to how to make a payment page.
As well as working as a group, this is an individual project so artist are still free to work on any exhibition or events outside of this project. This also means that artist can promote and try to create exposure on their own works separately as well as together. This will generate more publicity and feedback for the forbidden fruit project, and will be beneficial to all artists.
Payments are now due please go to the how to make a payment page.